The following are my setups for non-employable income for July 2022

1. Buy Put Option Contracts

Available Capital to trade: $5240.04

These are the stocks has good enough implied volatility and stock price is small enough to trade with my available capital. The strategy here is to set up Long Puts (usually used for hedging) as a means to ride the downtrend bearish market. As these are long term positions, it also means I have lesser capital to trade and that I should focus building other income sources while keeping an eye on these positions, always ready to exit.

  • GRAB
  • CPNG

Estimated Options Contract Difference to Earn: ~ $500


2. Crypto

Available Capital to trade: nil

I bought Crypto (Chainlink, Polygon, Tezos, Dogecoin) last month through Coinbase.

As the market is still tanking with Bitcoin below $20K, I shall be in wait-and-see mode for this month.


These are the Crypto projects that I think is useful, has potential to scale for wider adoption

CHAINLINK ($LINK) – Great Team!

POLYGON ($MATIC) – Steady Partnership forming!

TEZOS ($XTZ) – Big Brands!

DOGECOIN ($DOGE) – Elon Musk is boasting this one!

AVALANCHE ($AVAX) – Still fidgeting on this one too..

ALGORAND ($ALGO) – Still fidgeting on this one also..

Estimated Returns: ~ nil


3. Merchandise 

For this month, I shall focus more on setting up the merchandise section of this blog as I have gone Long position in my options trade.

Design, SEO, copywriting, social marketing, selling takes a lot of time.

Available Capital to trade: ~ $5000

Estimated Returns: ~ 1-3% of capital invested


4. Advertisements – not yet