As usual, disclaimer first:

  1. Don’t just take it from us, do your research too!
  2. Some of the below stocks, we are holding position long and short term.
  3. We wrote this article ourselves, and it expresses our own opinions. Please be aware of the risks associated with trading stocks.
  4. Our experiment mission is to see if we can earn at least USD $100 per day. A ‘speed-trading’ on the U.S technology stocks using our fixed starting capital.

7 Aug 2017 Notable Earnings

1. ON Semiconductor Corporation

The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of innovative energy efficient power and signal management, logic, discrete, and custom semiconductor solutions. Their chips are used in wireless, IoT, power conservation, Automotive products and more.

We look at the charts, 1 day, 5 day, 1 month, 3 months and 1 Year. its all upwards trend. It’s current price is 74.41% between its 52 week low and 52 week high, to us, it means a healthy price and there’s ample room to grow ~ about 20%. A quick news scan on twitter, google latest news shows no negative impact.

Our verdict: YES. We are risking this one.


8 Aug 2017 Notable Earnings


1. GoDaddy Inc.

The company does not need any introduction due to heavy advertising mechanism. Its the largest domain name registrar in the world, at the size of 4X their closest competitor.

Looking at the 3 months and 1 year trend, the company is an obvious upwards trend. There is a price dip recently due to analyst news.

Our theory, the constant increase in small business world wide working on digitization of their business activities, going online would result in a strong demand for GoDaddy’s portfolio of products. The revenues have doubled in the last five years and have an aim to double revenues again over the next five years.

Our verdict: MAYBE. we are looking closely at the stock price closely today. It is currently trading at  86.94% of it’s 52 week low and high, which represents lesser upside.


2. Pixelworks, Inc.

The company provides video and pixel processing semiconductors and software. They provide digital display, projection devices and digital signage.

The penny stock has traded at a higher price since the start of the year. We think it would go higher due to the growing demand of video processing related technology. With 4 Wall Street analysts placing a $6.75 price target suggesting a 48.35% gain.

In the earnings report, we expect good guidance on how it will benefit from its recent acquisition of ViXS Systems.

Our verdict: YES. We are risking this one.


9 Aug 2017 Notable Earnings


1. StarTek, Inc.

The company is a customer engagement business process outsourcing company, they offer technological professional services.

We do not have a good perspective of the company, just thought their pricing chart represent good execution and its pricing trend is upward for different ranges.

Our verdict: MAYBE.


10 Aug 2017 Notable Earnings


1. Aspen Technology, Inc.

The company provides software and services for the process industries. Deploying the use of data and predictive analysis.

We believe their technology is one of the most forefront of the process industries and pricing trend suggest a recovery to previous high in May 2017.

Our verdict: YES.


2. NVIDIA Corporation

The company needs no introduction. InvestCouple is already holding some positions on this stock.
We note the recent trend on investors selling off to gain profit and is looking at the prices closely this week.

Our verdict: MAYBE.


That’s all!