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Will a water meter save you money?

How to find out if you’re better off with a meter or set rates. Water meters can really divide people. Sometimes they can save you a decent chunk of cash every year, but others will see their bills rocket when one is installed. I’ve always …

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Lloyds Platinum review

Get travel, phone and breakdown cover with your bank account Lloyds Platinum is a packaged bank account where you pay a set price for a bundle of insurance policies – but will it save you money? Here’s what you need to know. Club Lloyds Platinum …

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Lloyds Silver review

Should you upgrade to get travel cover? Lloyds has two packaged bank accounts, Silver and Platinum. Each one gets you a bundle of insurance policies for a set price. But will it save you any money? Club Lloyds Silver vs Lloyds Silver You can convert th…

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