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Do you need an ISA in 2024?

When these tax-free accounts might be useful. Just because you can use an ISA for savings and investments, it doesn’t mean you should. Find out how to make that call. What’s the point of an ISA? The whole point of an ISA (or Individual Savi…

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ISA transfers explained

The rules to help you move your ISAs ISAs can be a handy way to earn tax free interest or returns, but moving money for a better rate or lower fees requires a different process to money held in normal cash savings or investment accounts. Here’s w…

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The best auto savings apps and hacks

Automating savings with AI and more is an easy way to see your savings grow Often one of the biggest barriers to putting money into savings is simply remembering to do it. So your salary comes into your current account and stays there. Some of it goes …

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How to save money at John Lewis

It’s one of our treasured high street retailers but is John Lewis value for money?  With over 30 shops across the UK, John Lewis is a high street favourite for many with a reputation for quality, reliability, and excellent customer service. But ju…

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Natwest bank switch offer: Get £200

Plus £34 extra a year and 6.17% savings. From 15 February 2024, Natwest is offering £200 if you switch bank. And there’s also the opportunity to get another £34ish via linked rewards and £60 interest on top. Here’s how the offer works and m…

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RBS bank switch offer: Get £200

Another bank switch deal has launched, this time offering £200 for switching. RBS is offering £200 if you switch bank, the highest bonus it’s ever offered. And there’s also the opportunity to get another £60ish via linked rewards and saving…

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