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Got three random hacks for you today to save time, annoyance, and forgetfulness ;)

Anyone else do these??

#1. The Trash Bag Hack

You know how every time you have to change the kitchen trash bag it’s super annoying cuz you have to go digging under your sink for the box of them, and then a couple of days later you have to do it all over again?

Well, at first I thought I hacked it pretty well by just pulling out 6 or 7 bags at a time and throwing those at the bottom each time saving me a little grief, but even still I got annoyed so last month I put THE ENTIRE ROLL of bags at the bottom of the can, lol… I’m not gonna have to do it again now for at least a couple more months! BOOM!
trash bag hack

#2. The Water Bottle / Mowing Hack

I thought of this over the weekend and it was a game changer :) Instead of keeping my water in the garage or somewhere else outside to trek to whenever I’m thirsty, I decided to just plop it right there ON TOP of the mower that way it’s only inches from my mouth instead of yards! Not only did it save me time and annoyance having to back track to it every time I needed to hydrate, but I actually drank MORE water since it was right there in front of me as a reminder! Triple win!
water mowing hack

(THOUGH WARNING: This worked perfectly with my *electric* mower (see top pic), but when I switched to my gas one when the battery drained it did not prove as successful, haha… (see below pic). It not only burned a whole in the bottom draining out the water, but it was piping hot when I tried downing the remaining molecules!! Do NOT try at home, lol… (Though in my defense I put it far away from the engine, but it must have moved in transit and got way too close to the hot parts, womp womp…)

water mowing hack fail

#3. The “Throwing it on The Floor” Hack

I stole this idea from my friend Travis Pizel, and it came in handy the other night when I was out of body wash in the shower…

It was the third time I meant to replace it when I was all done, but as usually happens I get caught up in my daydreams and completely forget once I’m out. So this time *I threw the empty bottle out of the shower*, and when I got out I saw it laying there on the floor there – and voila! It prompted* me to replace it right then and there!

Travis calls this the “Reminder Pillow” , and uses it all the time before drifting off to sleep:

For some reason it ALWAYS seems like I remember something that has to be done just as I climb into bed and get comfy. So, I reach down, grab one of the bazillion extra pillows scattered around our bed and chuck it across the room. Vonnie will ask, “What are you doing?” My response: “Reminder pillow.” The next morning when I get up, I’ll stumble across the pillow in the doorway and think to myself, “Hey, why is there a pillow laying….. ooooooh yeah, right” and I instantly remember what it was I had forgotten to do the night before. :)”

A quick easy hack that can be used anywhere!

And that’s all I got for you today! Hope you can use one or two of these :) If you got any silly little tricks of your own, please do share them in the comments!

Yours in better human’ing,

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*James Clear calls this whole idea of throwing stuff “triggers”… Where an object triggers your brain to do or think something and says it’s imperative when working on goals. Here’s a bunch of other triggers you can incorporate into your life as well, especially that last one ;)

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