I started investing at the age 24. A little lost initially and this post elaborate how I started my investing journey.

3 Things You Need to Start Investing

1. Open a CDP Account 

Create a CDP Account. You have to link CDP account with any of your bank accounts. I completed this form and mailed it. A hassle free experience as I do not need to go down to create my CDP account.

What is the purpose of CDP?
In layman terms, to park all your purchased stocks in this account instead of bank custody.

2. Open a Brokerage Account and Link it to your CDP account number

Go to the banks if you are more comfortable.
As for me, I opened Maybank Kim Eng Securities at Westgate!

Tell the staff that your CDP account number (if it has mailed it to you), else the brokerage staff can help you to apply a CDP.

3. Find out what is (my) your lifestyle

How much money do you

  1. earn (inflow)?
  2. save/invest per month?
  3. spend every month (outflow)?


Inflow = Save/Invest + Outflow