THE ANA (All Nippon Airways) EXPERIENCE


SQ Flight or ANA Flight?
I’ve tried SQ flight last year and tried ANA flight this year.
I’ll walk through the 3 factors on the flight experience:
1. Price
2. Food
3. Space/Service (+ Baggage)


1. For the period of April (Sakura Season) every year, the cost an economy ticket is $600ish. I chose ANA this year cos both SQ and ANA ticket costs $660.
Complimentary water bottle provided after take-off (about 30 minutes later)




For ANA Flight, we took 6am flight so that we will reach Narita in the afternoon. They served 2 in-flight meals (one breakfast and one tea break).
For breakfast, you can choose international meal or Japanese meal. We took both to taste the difference. The best thing is both meals would have soba! You can spot it at the bottom.
For tea break, they served yummy chicken bun (sorry no photo but really delicious) and drinks (look at the beverages, so many choices!)
The menu
The beverage menu
The japanese-style congee
The international-style pancakes


Kirin beer ( I tried white white, suntory beer and sapporo)


For return flight, we took the evening flight. Our dinner below!
Japanese sushi meal
International meal



The distance is pretty good considered my leg and the leftover space.
Touch Screen TV. I also took the opportunity to charge my iphone using my cable.


Not bad uh?


SERVICE: The service is considered great as I requested for socks though they took awhile to give it to me. For the restroom, you have to request for the toothbrush and toothpaste (unlike SQ Flight)
BAGGAGE!!! More importantly, ANA allows 2 check-in baggages, with each baggage’s weight up to 23kg. 2 Baggages, 23KG each.
You still have one more baggage to bring to the flight, up to 7kg.
On the other hand, SQ states 1 luggage up to 30kg, But I am not sure if they are strict on whether it could be 2 luggages. Even so, it is only 30kg. Unlike ANA, up to 23kg x 2 luggages.
signed off with love and xoxo.