Couple’s Joint Account

Initiated to open a couple’s joint account 3 years ago, but bf didn’t really agreed to. Never failed to convince bf, we opened a joint account just 2 weeks ago.

As a couple, we always eat, shop and sleep. This cycle repeats again. Beyond this cycle, couples often have milestones in mind like getting a job, proposing, getting married, buying a flat, having a car and planning for kids. What do we need for all these milestones? MONEY!

So what we do with our money when we started working in early January 2015. Looking back, it has been 2 Years and 4 Months. Because we want to be frugal and also to make our money work harder for us within these years.

Before we opened a joint account, this is how we started as an individual.

BF started monthly investment plan in OCBC and POSB in Oct 2015. 

GF started direct purchase of stocks via Maybank Kim Eng in Oct 2015. As at Dec 2015, her investment capital was $5,000. Till date, her investment capital is $50,000 within 2 years 4 months. I have yet to include dividend income, profit gains and the investment portfolio growth.

Today, we opened a Standard Chartered Bonus Saver Account (similar to OCBC 360) so as to open a SCB Trading Account. This trading account creates our investment experiences together. So rewind the cycle that I mentioned,  eat shop sleep, why not create an investment experience in this cycle. Our cycle as a couple is eat shop invest sleep.