My SG Investment Portfolio at the Age 26

My SG Investment Portfolio in 20s

My SG Investment Portfolio at Age 26 [as of Jan 2017]

SG Investment Portfolio Age 26. Above was my investment portfolio in Jan 2017. I only started investment in Oct 2015. I started working in Jan 2015. The first stock I bought is Lippo Mall with $356.89, at a unit cost of $0.33 before brokerage fee. In Jan 2017, the last price was $0.39. Now, it is at the price of $0.43. This is just one stock, I bought 100 units. The brokerage fee hit on me since my capital was only $330.

I received an email from SGX, quoted this below.

“There are 37 primary-listed stocks on SGX… a market capitalisation of above S$1 billion and dividend yields above 4%. These stocks averaged a total YTD return of 19.1% and a yield of 6.1%. Of the 37 stocks, the five best performers in the YTD were Hi-P International (+183.8%), CDL Hospitality Trusts (+31.6%), Frasers Centrepoint (+29.7%), Lippo Malls Indonesia Retail Trust (+25.3%) and Mapletree Logistics Trust (+25.3%).”

If I have a chance to re-do this again, I would wish to

  1. Start Investment Immediately with my First Paycheck.

    That 10 months. I took 10 months to translate investment into actions. It was a tough decision as I feel that money is not easy to earn so I keep all my cash in the bank. I always think savings and Fixed Deposit Bank bank rates are good enough. Thanks to Mr Invest Couple who always tell me ‘when are you going to invest’? He took the first move by investing Keppel stocks and ETF via monthly plan.

  2. Invest with Confidence.

    My above illustration is a great example that I am afraid of investing. I vested $356 though it had a growth potential. It was a good start. I was not confident about myself when evaluating a stock value.

  3. Collect More Dividends.

    My first dividend was Lippo Malls. I received $7.70 as of that quarter. I would have received $77 for 1,000 units at the price $0.33.