UOB – Last Thursday again it has gonw down ti test 27.95 and bounce-off to close at 28.14, looks like Bear is in control! I think likely to go down to retest 27.95 and if it cant hold, next, we may see her test 27.83 than 27.60 and 27.20. Do take note! Pls dyodd. UOB […]

source: https://thefinance.sg/2024/02/10/uob-last-thursday-again-it-has-gonw-down-ti-test-27-95-and-bounce-off-to-close-at-28-14-looks-like-bear-is-in-control-i-think-likely-to-go-down-to-retest-27-95-and-if-it-cant-hold-next-we-may-se/