Where to stay in Tokyo?Where to stay in Shinjuku?

Semi double room, non-smoking. Free wifi service.
Superb ya! I find it quite cosy and super clean overall. The hotel just built in year 2015.
Toilet, super clean toilet! Bathroom Amenities provided as well!
I like the hair (rubber) band!
I just have this problem of not able to find my hair band when I need it, but this hotel provides free hair band (2 somemore!) as part of their amenities!
Two words to describe this toilet: super clean!
Hot water tap!
Wah, not forgetting that they provide
Shiseido Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash! 
I like the scent..
We stayed for 5 nights! so we requested to change the hotel room to a higher floor.
Preferred this as well since the TV is mounted to the wall.
We booked from Expedia.com!
APA Hotel Higashi-Shinjuku-Kabukicho
5 nights for 2 pax: $575 (S$57.50 per pax per night)
Can find all the check-in time (3pm!) , check-out time (11am!) and free wifi service below!
This is our first trip to Japan! It was a tough choice to decide our hotel stay and to find something reasonable price like S$50 to 60 per pax each night. 
It was even tougher to find a good location within this budget especially cities like Tokyo!
We have to make decisions every day, sometimes I just ought to make wrong choice
so, why was it a wrong choice that I booked Hotel Sunlite Shinjuku before the above hotel?
1. It is actually the location, location and location.
But we managed to walk to Shinjuku from the above hotel.
2. It is more expensive. $616 as compared to $575. 
Costs $41 more, not a huge difference but
probably can have at least 5 orders of 8 pieces Takoyaki (slurps slups)!
It was booked from hotels.com and I managed to cancel it on March (1 month before the trip!) without any penalty. I booked this much much earlier but it costs more. 🙁
3. It looks older, the overall look and feel.

It is your turn now, which hotel do you prefer?