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My boy Nate randomly texted me this the other day and I can’t stop thinking about it…

Such pros and cons either way!!

Would you rather…

Have unlimited money to buy things online but you can never buy anything in person (can’t go to restaurants, shops, movies, games)

Or have unlimited money to buy things in person but you can never buy anything online (can’t get anything delivered, but could walk onto a car lot and buy a car with cash)


I immediately shot back “In person 100%!” and then had to marinate on it to make sure it was the best answer?!

He quickly reminded me this means “No Amazon! No buying things from around the world and no deliveries or Ebay!!” and I’ll admit that last one would be hard as it is where I find all my old rare books and coins I collect! However, with *unlimited money* I can just FLY TO ALL THE PLACES and look for them in person, lol… Or do anything else I wanted in person for that matter!

I could eat anytime I want in person. Buy anything I want in person. Buy things for other people or donate lots of $$$ in person. With UNLIMITED MONEY you can live as rich a life as Bill Gates or Warren Buffett once did just 30 years ago before Amazon or the internet was even a *thing*! Lol… It was normal life to buy everything in person!! :)

If you were tied to *online* purchases you’d also find yourself in a pickle more often than not… When you’re out and about and you get hungry? Sorry – no food for you! If you see something for sale (or even worse – your kids find something for sale – like Pokemon cards!) or you just want to grab a coffee on the go – nope! And if you’re traveling the world to far exotic places which you probably will be with that much money, good luck!! I hope you’re a master planner and organizer ‘cuz I sure as hell am not, lol…

And God forbid the internet goes down or you lose your phone… You better have back ups for your back ups! Also hope that you can pay your rent or mortgage or anything else you need/want in life online, though I suppose these days you’re 80% in the clear already with probably another 5-10 years until there wouldn’t be anything you couldn’t buy online?

So really the question comes down to what you prefer to have more of in life – in person interactions, or online interactions? There’s massive pros and cons to both, and with unlimited money you’ll be just fine either way, haha, but I know at least for me I’d much prefer going back to human life than digital if I can help it. Which is probably why I answered “in person 100%!” right away. I don’t want to lose myself more online!! I want to be in the real and flesh!!

That’s what my gut is telling me at the moment anyways :) How about you? Which would you prefer if you had to make a choice: unlimited money to spend online only, or unlimited money to spend in person only? Or do you prefer to opt out of the whole silly option and just keep everything the way it is with your current money and all the freedoms in the world??

Fortunately for those who choose the latter you already got your wish, but a fun question to ponder regardless ;) Never know when you’ll have to for real decide!! Lol… Leave your thoughts in the comments below or hit “reply” if you’re reading this in email and let’s keep the discussion going!

Your friend both online, and especially in-person,

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