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Japan Trip

Cheapest Egg Wifi Changi Recommends. Cheapest Wifi Rental in Singapore !

I only paid $26.55 (after HL Assurance discount) for my 7-day Japan Trip. 

We collected it at Changi Airport Terminal 2 Check-in Area (Row 10, nearest to ANA airline) 

Cheapest Egg Wifi Changi Recommends

Cheapest Egg Wifi Changi Recommends at Terminal 2

For Japan Trip, the telco provider is softbank! The connection is excellent, we did not face any connectivity issues and we were constantly sending photos/videos via whatsapp groups.
We had a total of 4 mobile phones and 1 Mac book connected to the wifi egg. The battery lasted more than 8 hours for us, we left the hotel around 9am and lasted till 7/8pm…. The wifi egg has Unlimited Data Usage. 

Cheapest Egg Wifi Changi Recommends for Japan Trip

Cheapest Egg Wifi Changi Recommends – Japan Trip

Cheapest Egg Wifi Changi Recommends Guide

Changi Egg Wifi Softbank Router for Japan Trip

Cheapest Egg Wifi Changi Recommends Guide

Changi Recommends Egg Wifi Guide

I tried to reserve it last year but it was kinda of late, thus I made an effort to reserve about 1.5 month earlier. Previously used the unlimited M1 passport data, it charged me $15 per day. My trip was about 7 days, so it was like $15 x 7 = $105. Was really huge difference from $105 last year to $26.55 this year. Changi Egg Wifi is cheaper than M1 Data Plan. 

3 Reasons why you should rent Egg Wifi from Changi Recommends

1. Cheapest Wifi Egg Rental in Singapore for Japan Trip
– $5 per day for Japan Trip, and waive off for first day rental
– Only $1 credit card deposit for rental and actual payment will only be made upon return trip.
I’ve compared other wifi egg rentals and would need SGD 100 to 150 upfront deposit and actual payment upon reservation.
– No extra charge for cancellation or rescheduling. 
2. Unlimited Data Usage Overseas Wifi Egg, 4G for Japan Trip

– Communication Standard: 4G
– Daily Fair Usage: Unlimited Data Usage
– Exceed Data Implication: Not Applicable
– Maximum No. of Connections: Up to 6
– Battery Life*: Up to 8 hours

3. 24 Hours Collection & Return at Terminal 1, 2, 3 

– T1 Arrival Hall, Level 1 – T1A Between info counter & money changer, 24/7 (Public Area)
– T1 Departure Hall, Level 2 Beside OMEGA Boutique, 24/7 (Transit Area)
– T2 Departure Hall , Level 2 Opposite check in row 10, 24/7 (Public Area)
– T2 Arrival Hall, Level 1 Opposite belt 34, 24/7 (Public Area)
– T3 Arrival Hall, Level 1 Opposite belt 42, 24/7 (Public Area)

If you want to find out more, please click to the website.

You may also rent first and cancel it later if you find another alternative.

But to me, this is the cheapest and convenient wifi egg.


Check it out on HL Assurance for Travel Insurance, which gives me a cheaper option to rent the wifi egg.

2 day waived and an additional 5% for the rest of the rental days.