What to buy at Narita Airport?

The best things to buy at Narita Airport are the famous Japanese sweets and tidbits like Shiroi Koibito cookies, ROYCE’ Nama chocolate, Jaga Pokkuru potato strips, Assorted Kit Kat chocolate bars and Tokyo Banana sponge cakes.


Where to buy the Japanese sweets at Narita Airport?

To start off, you’ll need to pass the Passport control, so do prepare some smaller hand-carry luggage or bags which you can bring onboard the plane.

Next, look at this directional map to figure your way around. Almost all shops sell the same stuffs and at roughly at the same prices albeit different sales offers, so go to the airport early and walk around.  There are lots of gifts, toys, clothes to buy as souvenirs for your friends but from the couple’s experience, sweets and tidbits are still the best choices for them.

How do the recommended sweets and tidbits look and taste like?

1. Shiroi Koibito – A 40 year history langue de chat cookie and white chocolate

Yes, some of your local shopping malls do sell these european style biscuit, but you will only get the best prices in Japan!

The soft crispy white cookie, also called langue de chat is precisely baked until the edges turn brown. Sandwiched in between the french baked cookie is a original white chocolate recipe that gives it a really soft texture. Simply put it in your mouth and you will be surprised like we did for the first time – the whole cookie just melted!

The couple tried this in Singapore and was surprised at the cheap price in Narita Airport. We bought quite a few boxes and all our families and friends love the taste. Another thing to note is the cookie are freshly baked and packed, so do check the package date, add 180 days (about 3 months) to it to get the expiry date.


ANA Duty Free Shop 
(South Wing) 7.30am to 8.30pm
Pricelist :
12 pieces:  705 Yen (SG $8.80)
18 pieces: 1,058 Yen (SG $13.20)
24 pieces: 1,410 Yen (SG $17.60)
24 pieces mixed: 1,410 Yen (SG $17.60)

2. ROYCE’ Nama Chocolate “Au Lait” – Premium delicate chocolate with fragrance and hint of liqueur.

You will not be able to resist this. Produced in Hokkaido, it remains one of the most popular gift choices and premium chocolate brands for tourists, loved by everyone all over the world since 1983.

The couple does not recommend that you smell it close to your nose even though the Internet has boasted of its aromatic chocolate-ish liquor flavour, because its surface is powderish and will likely make you sneeze and cough!

However, if you choose to put it in your mouth (like what it’s original purpose is), you will be much delighted. No, it doesn’t melt in your mouth but the refined taste is still irresistible.

One other thing to note is that these chocolates are made in limited quantity and there are seasonal flavours as well. Check the expiry date as the shelf life is about 1 month and you’ll need to store it at low temperature too.

Fa-So-La Tax Free Kagura 
(South Wing) 7.30am to 8.45pm
Fa-So-La Tax Free Akihabara 
(South Wing) 7.30am to 8.30pm


Pricelist :
Nama Chocolate: 720 Yen (SG $9)


3. Jaga Pokkuru, Potato Farm – Unique texture, this is Potato not Ginseng

Hokkaido is known as a potato-producing region. This popular snack features potatoes cut to resemble French fries. The skin is not peeled in order to retain the natural umami flavor. The sticks are lightly salted and have a crispy texture. The snack is named after a dwarf in the folklore of the Ainu, an indigenous people of Japan.

Fa-So-La Tax Free Akihabara 
(South Wing) 7.30am to 8.30pm
Limited to 5 boxes per passport
Pricelist :
Jaga Pokkuru (10 packets): 820 Yen (SG $10.25)

4. KitKat in Japan – Lucky charms for University Students

Known to be associated with the Japanese phrase – Kitto Kattsu, translated as “Surely Win” in English, KitKat is a widely popular confectionary in Asia. In Narita Airport, you will be able to find bizarre flavoured KitKat that do not exist in your country shopping malls.

Some of the chocolate covered wafer bars has flavours like Sakura green tea, strawberry, Japanese Sake, plum, passion fruit and chili, ginger and kinako soybean and many more.

Unless you have bought some during your stay in Japan at cheaper prices, KitKat in Narita Airport is a simple choice of gifts for your friends and family!

These chocolate-covered wafer bars come in many flavors, including original flavors that can only be found in Japan. As a result, they are a popular souvenir choice among visitors to Japan.


Pricelist :
Small box (3 pieces): 150 Yen (SG $1.875)
Big box (10 small boxes): 1,500 Yen (SG $18.75)


Fa-So-La Tax Free Akihabara 
(South Wing) 7.30am to 8.30pm
Fa-So-La Tax Souvenir No. 3 Satellite
7.30am to 9.45pm
(This store is super near to our boarding gate)


Pricelist :
Sake Kit kat (9 pieces): 700 Yen (SG $8.75)
Strawberry Cheese Cake Kit kat (9 pieces): 600 Yen (SG $7.50)


5. Tokyo Banana – Japanese delicacy made with care

It is a bit funny looking, especially the ones with giraffe spots. Each piece of the elongated, fluffy custard filled sponge cake has a very detailed design.

Tokyo banana has a soft texture, a banana flavoured smell and depending on the custard flavour, you get a different taste. The couple thinks it’s best consumed cold and within 3 days of your purchase.

Tokyo banana only last for a maximum of 1 week, so that is why you will not be able to find it outside of Japan with the same price. See below for the Tokyo Banana flavours and prices at Narita Airport.



Fa-So-La Tax Free Akihabara 
(South Wing) 7.30am to 8.30pm
Pricelist :
8 Pieces Tokyo Banana Original : 953 Yen (SG $11.90)
12 Pieces Tokyo Banana Original : 1,429 Yen (SG $17.90)
8 Pieces Tokyo Banana Brownie : 1,000 Yen (SG $12.50)
8 Pieces Tokyo Banana Caramel : 1,000 Yen (SG $12.50)
12 Pieces Tokyo Banana Caramel : 1,477 Yen (SG $18.50)
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