To plan a Singapore Chinese Wedding, decide on a few actual day dates in about 6 months time. Source for a Feng-shui retail shop to confirm the dates as well as other auspicious dates. Next, start sourcing for banquet hotels, wedding dresses, suites, cars and photography packages. Further, buy the Chinese tradition items like gold jewelries, food and alcohol for Guo Da Li and for actual day. Keep fit and healthy for the actual wedding day to arrive.


Your quick Singapore Chinese wedding planning checklist:

An excel workbook to help you get started, be organised and on track in your wedding plan journey:




Step by Step guide and details on how to plan a Singapore Chinese Wedding






Planning in Progress, year 2019 or late 2018.

  1. Proposal Ring
  2. Ba Zi
  3. Banquet (Date and Number of Tables)
  4. Photoshoot (Korea, Japan, ??)
  5. Wedding Dress
  6. Actual Day Videography and Photography
  7. Chinese Tradition
    1. Guo Da Li
    2. Si Mian Jing
  8. Wedding Band
  9. Wedding Car
  10. Wedding Flowers
  11. Accessories (Emcee, Angbaos, clothings)
  12. Honeymoon


  1. Retro


We attended a few wedding showcases this year 2017.

  1. Parkroyal on Pickering
  2. Grand Hyatt
  3. Marina Mandarin
  4. Fairmont
  5. Royal Plaza on Scotts
  6. Marriott (in Oct)

Other Hotels in Consideration

  1. Goodwoord Park Hotel
  2. Marina Bay Sands
  3. Hotel Jen by Shangri-La
  4. Jurong Genting
  5. Fullerton Hotel


Some news about wedding in singapore

Singapore Bride Forum:


Must have items in wedding banquet

  1. One Night Stay in Suite
  2. Complimentary Anniversary Stay
  3. Beer and Liquor (Take note of barrel and corkage fee)
  4. Wedding Cake for marriage couple
  5. Solemnisation Set-up (Flower, etc)


  1. Soft Drinks and Tea
  2. Sparkling Wine, Wedding Cake for cake-cutting ceremony
  3. Carpark coupons (%, number)
  4. Invitation Card (%, number, printing inclusive)
  5. Wedding favours
  6. Room for helpers


  1. Payment
  2. Which Credit Card to use?


More details about wedding showcase: