Start early to prepare for the Best Wedding Proposal

Recalling back, I spent countless hours, days and months.. Googling for all sorts of ideas for a surprise wedding proposal, the romantic and most memorable location spot to propose, how to propose, what to say when i am proposing, service providers for proposal, etc.

There were 2 missed attempts and 1 almost failed attempts but one thing for sure, I was really determined to propose to her no matter what . . Don’t give up on creating this piece of memory 🙂


Wedding Proposal at our overseas holiday in Korea and Guangzhou

These were the 2 missed attempts.

Our December holidays were spent bargain hunting in Guangzhou Wedding Street for our wedding props, Men suites, heel, shoes and dresses. As we were there with her parents, we also took some time to tour the place. Both Canton Tower and the Night Cruise were perfect romantic spot. I had the thought of proposing but not sure why the time passed so fast and I didn’t manage to pop the question.

We were in Korea for our Pre- Wedding Winter Photo Shoot and she suggested I should proposed with the nice background and scenery. In the end, I didn’t do it as I think it wasn’t quite the right feeling of proposing then ~ the only feeling we both had was just freezing cold!


Deciding to do wedding proposal back in Local Singapore

There weren’t many options with my tiny budget in a pricey island of Singapore. I attempted to book a hotel (Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa) in Sentosa Singapore and was planning to just decorate the place, play some nice music and invite her family for dinner and lastly, to propose at the private Jacuzzi area within the hotel. Sourcing from a few Hotel Aggregator, Deals websites, I worked out the budget to be roughly around $2,000, including the food and decorations (flowers and balloons).

However, words of my partner kept ringing in my ears during the weeks leading to the actual day. The final decision to cancel my booking came in the form of an email.


Here’s my email to the Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, attaching my hotel voucher and explaining my need for early check-in:



And, here’s the hotel’s duty manager standard reply.. I spared no second thoughts, cancelled the hotel booking and plans for wedding proposal at Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa immediately. 




Affordable and Unique Singapore Wedding Proposals

With 2 months to our wedding, I was getting really anxious about how to propose to her so that she can remember it for life. It had gotten really difficult, to the point of impossible of giving her a surprise or organizing her friends, her family and my family to be around. We also joked about me proposing when she comes from from bathroom or in her bedroom.

So, I finally thought of just trying my luck at the various animal attractions. A few places pops out from my search results – Sentosa SEA Aquarium, Singapore Zoo, River Safari, etc. I browsed a little more and 2 places caught my attention – Rainforest Lumina at Singapore Zoo. The website mentioned that Visitors can expect to be enthralled by a mesmerizing, audio-visual experience that occurs within Singapore Zoo with 10 interactive zones. The Rainforest Lumina was the first such experience in Southeast Asia, Rainforest Lumina is presented by the Singapore Zoo as part of its 45th anniversary celebrations.



So the simple idea I had was to ask for a quiet corner and may be a pathway leading to there so that I can hang up some photos, blindfold her and walk her to the corner where I will kneel and propose. It was quite possible but it didn’t feel quite memorable to me if I were to put myself in her shoes.


Nevertheless, I send out an inquiry form to WildLife Reserves Singapore to get more details. I had email exchanged with a Corporate Sales Team rep that were in charge of hosting group bookings. After I clarified that I was looking for a private event, the email was forwarded to the the main enquiry email address of Wildlife Reserves Singapore. Again, it was a rather generic reply to ask me buy my tickets from the correct website address: 




Best Place To Propose In Singapore Which Guarantee Her To Say Yes – Singapore Night Safari

Finally, I got it !

Cynthia, from Night Safari Singapore sent me a WhatsApp message to ask for more details about my wedding proposal request. Her reply was sincere to help, personalized and highlighted exactly what I should be doing next:



I had a few more discussions with Cynthia and also received some photo samples of the 2 possible locations – Thumbuakar Performance Light/Fire Show and, The Creatures of the Night.

Luckily, YouTube has both shows to watch and I could picture myself in each of the show how I would propose. Finally, I decided I should go for the more crowded one – Creatures of the Night since I really want us to remember the night and have everyone cheer for us 😛


One day before the actual event, Cynthia’s team, invited me to show me around the Night Safari place so that I am more prepared. The team also offered complimentary tickets for our parents to join us for the special day !


We reached early, had dinner and caught the Thumbuakar Performance Light/Fire Show before heading to the venue for Creatures of the Night. Here’s another text exchange with Cynthia who helped me to arrange the tickets, seats and show timings:



The final moment.. (PS: This was the Chinese edited version for our wedding dinner)



Special thanks to Warm and Friendly Ms Cynthia, Mr Annand, Mr Thiru, Mr Gan and Team for organizing and preparing everything! Thank you, Amazing Presenters: Ms Kenze, Mr Jon who helped to keep the situation under control even when I was really super hyper duper nervous on stage. And lastly, very timely superb awesome sound crew: Faizal ! 


Thank you, Night Safari Singapore! We had an amazing and memorable Wedding Proposal Day!