How to go to China Guangzhou Wedding Street Market – Jiang Nan Da Dao Bei Hun Sa Jie?

Go to Guangzhou Wedding Street by taking the Metro Line 2 and alight at The 2nd Workers’ Cultural Palace station (市二宫站), come out from Exit D and cross over to the opposite side of the road. Then, turn left and walk straight to reach the wedding street shop fronts. Lastly, look out on your right for an entrance into the wedding street market.

In Chinese, 江南大道北婚纱街.


Detailed steps in the travel plan guide to go to China Guangzhou Wedding Street and Market – Jiang Nan Da Dao Bei Hun Sa Jie. by public transport or Metro (To be continued..)

The 2nd Workers' Cultural Palace Station Exit D

The 2nd Workers’ Cultural Palace Station or Shiergong Station, Exit D. (市二宫站)


Alternatively, you may take a taxicab to reach Guangzhou Wedding Street. Use DiDi Chuxing mobile app to hail a car ride and search for any of the below addresses to get to the correct side of the wedding street with more shops.

Guangzhou Wedding Street address from Baidu Map

  • 海珠区江南大道北69号
  • 海珠区江南大道北70号
  • 海珠区江南大道北71号

Guangzhou Wedding Street address from Google Map

  • 69 Jiangnan N Ave, ChangDi Lu GouWu XiuXian Jie, Haizhu Qu, Guangzhou Shi, Guangdong Sheng, China
  • 广东省 广州市 海珠区 长堤路购物休闲街 江南大道北69号

How to find the ‘hidden’ wedding street/ wedding shopping alley in Guangdong, Haizhu Qu, 广东省广州市 海珠区江南大道北69号 ?

Quicker, less hassle more fun travel tips: Take DiDi Chuxing and request to alight near the Postal Savings Bank of China Building. Next, follow the traffic direction and walk further down while observing your right side to find the entrance. Finally, turn into the entrance of the wedding street shopping alley when you see a metal gate entrance with people selling red color Chinese custom items or wedding gowns and Chinese custom “Qun Kua”.


What to buy at Guangzhou Jiangnan Avenue North wedding street market?

Price list of western bridal dresses and shoes to buy at wedding market for Bride-to-be:

  1. Western wedding gowns at RMB 100
  2. Chinese Custom wedding long dress ‘Qun Kua’ (群褂) at RMB 200
  3. Wedding shoes and heels at RMB 30

Price list of western suits and shoes to buy at wedding street for Groom-to-be:

  1. Men shoes at RMB 80
  2. Men suits at RMB 80 on-wards

Price list of Chinese wedding decorations and custom items that you can find in Guangzhou wedding street:

  1. Double Happiness ‘Shuang Xi’ (囍) stickers
  2. Fold-able Jade Lady paper fan ‘Yu Nü San’ (玉女扇)
  3. Red packets ‘Hong Bao’ (紅包)

How to shop and bargain at wedding wholesale market in Guangzhou, China?

Quicker, less hassle more fun travel tips: EVERYTHING, including wedding gowns in Guangzhou wedding street market are cheap if you are willing spend a few mins to bargain and haggle around their ask price!


Creative Wedding Gown Shop

Creative Wedding Gown Shop ‘Chua Yi Hun Sha Dian’ (创意婚纱)

Beautiful Poem Wedding Bride Gown Shop

Beautiful Poem Wedding Bride Gown Shop ‘Mei Shi’ (美诗)

Bargaining tactics with wedding street vendors

Despite many stalls selling western bridal gowns and Chinese wedding “Qun Kua”, none of them hang their price signature and price tags! Try asking for the cost and you can expect the following conversation:

“Qun Kua” at RMB 480. Then, the price goes down to RMB400 after you pause and keep your silence while looking at the shop owner. Haggle and bargain a little more by asking for 50% cut to anchor them at lowest, the lady owner will try offer you her final price at RMB 300. Finally, when you start to look and walk away, the price may go down even further.

While the stall owners are generally friendly, they may ask you to get lost if you try push the prices too low. Thus, if their offer is already ‘much’ better than anything you can get in your own country, just accept the offer and move on to the next shopping adventure.

Meng Ni Si Men's Suit

Guy trying wedding suit at Meng Ni Si Bridal Wedding Men Suit Shop

Meng Ni Si Wedding Shoes and Heels Shops

Meng Ni Si Wedding Shop Selling Groom and Brides’ shoes and heels

Look opposite of this shop to find a 2-level Commercial Building with a consolidation of wedding dresses, gowns, suits, custom items and tradition accessories.

5 pieces Men suits from Guangzhou Wedding Street Market

Cheapest 5 pieces Men suits from Guangzhou Wedding Street Market

The wine colour Men suit above costs RMB 480 for 3 piece set including the Blazer, Vest and Pants. In addition, the 5 piece set which includes the bow tie and long sleeve undershirt will cost around RMB 515.


To be continued..