Follow this checklists to help you plan for Guangzhou holiday travel trip





Where to visit for day time sightseeing in Guangzhou?

1. Million Sunflower Garden

2. Temple of Six Banyan Trees

3. Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family

4. White Cloud Mountain

5. Sha wan Ancient Town

6. Nansha Tianhou Palace


Where to visit for night time sightseeing in Guangzhou?

1. Canton Tower

2. Zhujiang New Town for Luxury Malls/Towers



What and where to eat in Guangzhou?

1. Hai Di Lao (海底捞)

2. Bingsheng Pinwei (炳胜品味)

3. Water buffalo milk curd at Nanxin Milk & Dessert (南信牛奶甜品专家)

4. Tao Tao Ju (陶陶居)

5. Guangzhou Jiujia 广州酒家

6. Qi Lin Xuan @ South China Botanical Garden (琪林轩)


What to buy and where to shop in Guangzhou?

1. Wholesale Markets for Clothes near Guangzhou Station

2. 北京路步行街 – Beijing Road Shopping Area

3. Shangxiajiu 上下九步行街

4. Wedding Street- North Jiang Nan Da Dao (江南大道北)

5. Qingping Market- Agricultural Complementary Products Market
Chinese Herbal Medicines Market


What are the local products in Guangzhou?

1. Cantonese sculpture includes work in jade, wood, and ivory.

2. Canton porcelain

3. Cantonese embroidery

4. Zhujiang Beer


How to take transport and travel around in Guangzhou?

1. 滴滴 (didi)

2. 高德 (Gao De)

3. Metro

3 day or daily unlimited pass (Buses aren’t included but they are only RMB2 per trip)


How to travel from Airport to City in Guangzhou?

1. Airport Transfers –


What warnings and danger to look out for when visiting Guangzhou?

  1. Fake Liquor
  2. Fake Jewelry
  3. Counterfeit Money