3 Reasons why we had our prewedding shoot in Korea

  • Memorable Overseas Experience with winter season (will never forget the – degree temperature yet in casual dress)
  • A million time nicer (even studio indoor shoots much better than Singapore indoor shoots)
  • All photos are returned back – Singapore studios require you to pay a fee if you want to get all the photos back.

Coupled with the above reasons, we have selected our prewedding photoshoot in Korea.

For the price, my verdict is reasonable price in Korea and Singapore. It is competitive and comparable. Cannot really compare apple to orange and depends on what you really want in the end.

For us, we wanted to try new things and decided to go to Korea to have our photoshoots in winter. We also wanted video, photo MV, all photos taken returned to us. We are less particular on the album, frame, number of edited photos where bridal studios in Singapore definitely offer fancy items in terms of those.

I feel the photos taken and raw videos are the utmost importance as they are the means to the end. With the right photos & videos, we can source the right vendors to develop the album or/and frame.

You might find this useful to have a look at this table bridal studio comparison in Singapore, Korea and popular websites like onethreeonefour.

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