How to go Mt Fuji from Shinjuku station? 

Travel Guide Mt Fuji Shinjuku station

How to use JR pass to Mt Fuji?
1. 60-minute hour journey from Shinjuku Station to Otsuki Station:
Take JR Chuo Line, Limited Express [included in 7-day JR Pass] 
2. 35-minute journey from Otsuki Station to Mt Fuji Station/Kawaguchiko Station:
Take Fujikyu Line, Limited Express 
[not included in JR Pass, about 1,520 Yen (S$19) per ticket]
Fujikyu Limited Express Train or Fujikyi normal train?
For info, 15 mins difference!
We took the express train to Kawaguchiko Station which costs 400 Yen (S$5) per ticket,
it takes shorter time to reach the destination.
If you have JR pass, take the 3rd option! 1h 35 min journey from Shinjuku to Mt Fuji.
Fares on Fujikyu Line to various stations like
Kawaguchiko, Fujikyu-highland, Mt Fuji Station, and Shimo Yoshida

If you are a fan of Thomas & Friends, you may wish to take this train instead!
Mt Fuji Guide!
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