Best Credit Card for Petrol

Has been using OCBC 365 Credit Card for Caltex.

  • Get 16% upfront discount on Platinum 98 or 14% upfront discount on other grades of petrol and diesel with all OCBC Credit or Debit Cards.
  • Enjoy an additional $10 rebate with a minimum $300 nett fuel spend at Caltex in a calendar month. That’s up to 23% fuel savings when you pay with your OCBC 365 Credit Card!
  • Get 18% upfront discount* on petrol/ diesel + 0.2% LinkPoints rebate for every $1 charged* + earn 3 LinkPoints^ for every litre of fuel purchased with your NTUC/OCBC Plus! Visa Card.
Best Credit Card Petrol for OCBC Card Caltex

Best Credit Card Petrol for OCBC Card Caltex

OCBC 365 Petrol Discount

For Caltex, 14% upfront discount and $10 cash rebate for $300 nett spend


Up to 21.1% Fuel Saving for all other petrol grades Under this promotion, a Cardholder may be entitled to receive:

14% onsite discount for Caltex Premium 95 with Techron, Caltex Regular 92 with Techron® and Caltex Diesel with Techron® D Caltex;


4.3 % cashback on gross fuel spend (or equivalent to 5% cashback on nett fuel spend) at Caltex as long as a minimum of S$600 spend is charged to OCBC 365 Credit Card in a calendar month; and

S$10 rebate (or 2.8% rebate on gross fuel spend) with minimum S$300 nett fuel spend charged at Caltex to OCBC 365 Credit Card within a calendar month

Further illustration can be found below on how this translates to up to 21.1% fuel savings on all other petrol grades with Caltex. Figures are rounded to the nearest one decimal place and based on S$360 gross fuel spend for easier illustration.



Best Credit Card Petrol for OCBC Card Caltex