Invest Couple Goals

Invest Couple Goals

Young Couple Financial Planning to achieve Couple Goals

  1. Year-End Couple Goal: What is our net worth to achieve?

    An Example: 3 years of working as a couple, we should be able to save S$200,000. However, due to transition, we might achieve S$170,000 to S$180,000 at the end of 2017. Will update this in Dec! This is one of our couple goals. The other couple goals are proposal, wedding, housing and starting a family..

  2. Save or invest? Plan and set a ratio.

    20:80. 20% of $200,000 is $40,000. This includes emergency fund + wedding/proposal. As a result, 80% of the total is $160,000, which is the overall capital investment at the end of 2017. We will stick to 20:80 even we have a lower projected net worth at year-end.

  3.  Invest Couple Goal: The expected returns based on overall investment should be 8% and more.

  • US Returns on average is about 12%.
  • SG Returns on average is about 8%.
  • We took the average of both to become 10% since we are vested in both markets. In absolute term, it’d be $16,000 out of $160,000.
  • We are looking at a 5-year horizon so as to inject capital on a yearly basis (for 5 years) on certain stocks (to be updated) to have a compounding effect (a post on this).


Less than 5 months to end of Year 2017. The current portfolio is about 82% in stocks and 18% in cash. We took this decision as we are still planning proposal/wedding/housing in a few years’ time.


Let have a walk through of a Portfolio Performance example below.

The three portfolios went live on Jan 16 and are track each month until early this year 2017.

In Feb 2016:

Invest ST Portfolio Performance by The Strait Times

Invest ST Portfolio Performance Feb 2016

In Apr 2016:

Invest ST Portfolio Performance April 2016

Invest ST Portfolio Performance April 2016