October 2016

  • Bought domain name
  • Run through some ideas on what to do

November 2016

  • preparing the final days to resignation from full time job
  • develop and launch first website draft
  • launch first email marketing campaigns

December 2016

  • develop some high level business milestones
  • engaging old customers and new ones
  • harvesting email contacts

January 2017

  • began detailed HR Tech App prototyping
  • continue engaging and closing on deals with new customers
  • made HR Tech App the main startup front with prototyping business as supporting

February 2017

  • continue HR Tech App development
  • started engaging NUS, Ngee Ann Poly, Temasek Poly incubators for advice and support
  • started preparing business proposal for ACE Startup funding

March 2017

  • launched first MVP of HireData – A Psycholinguistic Application for recruitment
  • continue engagement with public agencies incubators and started engagement with private incubators
  • started Meetup.com group for prototyping business

April 2017

  • engaged potential HR customers to participate in program
  • collated feedback from various engagement and evolved HireData to ProgramH – A platform to match students and their potential employers.
  • refined, submitted business proposals to funding agencies

May 2017

  • Started 3-months short term contract job while pending for funding results

June 2017

  • Startup funding result received: rejected mainly due to weakness in business model, product purpose.

July 2017

  • Withdrawal plans for startup
  • Started EDX online courses on Data Science and Big Data Systems

Aug 2017

  • Preparation work to close curtain on startup
  • Search for full-time job to continue life-as-usual

September 2017

  • Repurpose meetup group
  • Completed EDX online course on Big Data System
  • Preparation work to return to full-time job